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"You know we are doing our job because you won't need to call us"

This is the philosophy we strive to adhere to and the benefit realized by our customers. As a former employee of an very busy IT services provider, Brad Gomberg (Alterio's founder) saw first hand the downfalls of outsourcing IT department functions with the wrong company. Lack of customer focus, unfinished projects, loss of managerial control, and unexpected costs were all frustrating realities that accompanied the decision to contract out. What if you could eliminate these negative aspects of outsourcing while maintaining the flexibility, access to high-end skillsets, and value? This is how Alterio was born. We are highly customer focused, and want what you want; a functional, reliable, and high performing IT platform at a reasonable price. We do not string you along to sqeeze every last cent out of the job. We know that the results our work will have a positive impact on your business and you will give us more business because of it. That is how we operate, and is how we would want to be treated if we were in in your shoes.

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