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Cloud Technologies


Alterio offers a full suite of cloud solutions catered to meet the demands of the modern business. Whether public, private, or hybrid cloud, the Alterio team helps our clients navigate past the pitfalls of data migration. Once the migration is complete, Alterio can also deliver the disaster recovery strategies and managed services necessary to ensure the continued maintenance and success of the cloud solution.


What is Cloud Computing?


A cloud is a pool of resources that provides enhancements to IT infrastructure that were previously unavailable. Simply put, we define cloud computing as the virtualization of the data center. The private, public, and hybrid cloud each operate on the same principle of virtualization and converged infrastructure.


Through virtualization and breaking ties between servers and physical hardware, data centers have experienced several notable enhancements.


 Those enhancements include:


  • Enhanced Efficiency: Using automated provisioning, IT teams are able to spend less time configuring and more time tackling higher level projects. 

  • No Downtime: Because the servers are no longer tied to physical hardware, the data center can adjust and reallocate resources in the event of hardware failure to eliminate downtime.

  • Accessibility: If there is internet, the data and applications in the cloud can be accessed.

  • Elasticity: Companies now have the ability to provision, reclaim, and share resources seamlessly. Alterio’s Cloud Deployments and Services

  • Private Cloud: Through the private cloud, companies gain the computing advantages of the public cloud, but in this deployment, all of the hardware used is designated solely to one company. No resources are shared at the cloud site.  

  • Hybrid Cloud: The hybrid cloud combines the strategies of both the public and private clouds to yield a solution customized for a company’s unique needs. Some hardware in the stack is shared while other resources are designated exclusively to one organization.

  • Public Cloud: In a public cloud deployment, companies no longer need to purchase, maintain, and refresh an in-house data center. Instead, companies use the infrastructure and data center capabilities of a large cloud provider. At the provider’s site, resources are pooled and shared amongst their clients.

  • Cloud Backup: Replacing the need for tape backup, cloud backup protects against data loss while keeping the data copies safely off-site or on-premise, if required.

  • Cloud Disaster Recovery: Contemporary disaster recovery strategies can use the cloud to great advantage to protect business-critical data in the event of a catastrophe.

  • Cloud Managed Services: Even though hardware is shared or owned by a cloud provider, the environment will still need to be managed by a skilled team. Alterio can layer our managed services packages on top of any cloud deployment to sustain maximum performance.


Contact a Alterio Cloud Solutions Architect today to determine which cloud solution is right for you.

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